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This shoot had been in the making for quite some time. Organised by Brent (landscape and light painting expert) with my help on the strobist side, we were to create something of a blend between the two, with the concept of “a girl finding herself lost and alone after a night out”. The site was an abandoned warehouse in Sydney. We had all up about 8 people on location. The idea was to shoot the model with off camera flash then wait until dark to light paint the scenes.

We had 6 cameras lined up on tripods with Pocketwizard Multimax to fire the 580EXII through a softbox. This was pretty simple and straight forward. Each of us had a turn. In the mean time, ambient shots were also taken to act as a background plate.

We had to wait a bit for night time to fall. Brent was preparing his light painting gear with various tubes, colours, sizes, etc.

Each wall was light painted individually for maximum exposure.

After a few hours in Photoshop, below is the final result. The image was a blend of about 8-13 photos, each individually masked and adjusted to fit.

Link here is a flash file showing the layers that were in photoshop.


  1. that’s amazing……
    I have nothing to say…


  2. that’s great bro !! it just like angel come frome haven!!!

  3. The first one!!

    I love the blue fog.

  4. so nice kub

  5. too nice my brother
    the ligtht painting is awesome

  6. love your works

  7. I like the first one that very nice blue fog ^_^

  8. hanging pixels!

    lovely images, i would love to learn how to do this type of light graffiti.

    would you provide any insight into this?


  9. Great shots! Whereabouts in Sydney is this? Been looking for a place like this for a long time.

  10. how you do to make the “smoke”? it was make it in post production?

    • The smoke is made with a light painting technique using “EL Wire”and long exposure.

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